Charity and School Postal Bags

If you have one of our charity or school postal return bags, please check the inkjet cartridge and mobile phone type you have using our simple checker below, this will guarantee that sending it is going to help your school or charity.

If your inkjets or mobiles are ok to send then please follow the simple guidelines below, it really does help to ensure that your recycling efforts raise as much money as possible.

  • If you are only sending inkjets then please try and send four of value per bag.
  • If you only have two inkjets of value then please try to send them with a mobile.
  • Please do not send pagers or cordless phones and do not include chargers or Sim cards with any mobiles.
  • Protect your mobiles and cartridges from being damaged in the post by wrapping them in something suitable.

If you are unsure of anything or need more bags then please contact our collections team.

Inkjet and Mobile Phone Checker