Donate Empties

Our charity collection programs give you the opportunity of financially helping some great charities without you actually having to give a penny! We offer a free of charge collection service for mobile phones and used toner and ink cartridges, which when received will raise money for our supported charities.

Why choose Takeback?

We are long established collectors of empty ink cartridges. We specialise in collecting these cartridges and mobile phones from businesses, schools, scout/guide groups, stationery/computer dealers and many other industry sectors throughout the UK. We have the national infrastructure to collect these cartridges and mobile phones quickly and effectively, and importantly also have the required waste licenses from the Environment Agency to allow us to do so.

We have worked in conjunction with many charities and have donated well needed funds to hundreds of different deserving causes. When you participate in our charity collection program, we will make a donation to our supported charities for the cartridges and phones that you return, and send you a certificate to confirm and thank you for your kind support along with a waste transfer note.

  • Charities

    Which charities does Takeback support?

    We have supported many charities over the years and this year we are proud to support three more great charities. For more information on these charities please visit our charity information section.

  • Qualifying List

    Which cartridges do Takeback collect?

    There are several hundred cartridges that Takeback are able to collect free of charge and pay you for. A list of the current cartridges that have value can be viewed on our monthly published qualifying list.

    If you are using one of our charity or school postal bags then please see our bag check section for what cartridges and mobiles will benefit the charities.

  • Register

    How do I join Takeback’s charity collection program?

    To join our program and start donating your cartridges and mobiles, please register on our site or contact our collections team who will be happy to help.

    Once you are registered you can book your free collections online or by emailing or by calling our collections team on 01842 821982.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How many cartridges do I need to be able to help these charities? What do Takeback do with these cartridges? If we join your charity scheme will you keep pestering us to buy a new cartridge? Does anything go to landfill? Which mobile phones do Takeback collect?

    To read our FAQ please click here

  • Packing Guidelines

    Packing Guidelines

    Wherever possible, the best protection for a cartridge is to put it back in the original box that it was supplied in. Please remember, a damaged cartridge has no value, as its primal worth is in reuse, not recycling, so for us to receive them undamaged is paramount. more...

To print, save or view a summary of this information on our charity collection program as a pdf please click here.