At Takeback we are proud to be a business that really does make a positive difference to the world in which we live. We are passionate about recycling and always do our best to minimise the impact that our own activities have on the environment.

Reducing landfill

Each cartridge that we collect saves on average almost two kilograms of plastic from ending up in landfill, which, if left there, would take in excess of one thousand years to biodegrade. Over the years we have collected millions of toner cartridges and therefore diverted millions of kilos of plastic from the waste channel, a great legacy for future generations.

We do not send cartridges to landfill, but instead ensure that any cartridges that cannot be used by our remanufacturing customers are broken down into their various raw material component parts and used again in other walks of life. For more information on our innovative cartridge waste stream please contact us.

ISO 14001:2004 certified

As passionate and as good as we are about the environment we also wanted an independent endorsement of the huge efforts we take to being green. Our ISO 14001:2004 certification by a UKAS accredited body demonstrates our absolute commitment to the environment and the care and attention we take.

Reusing old technology

The mobile phones we collect are refurbished by our customers, and primarily sold to emerging economies. Those phones that are unsuitable for reuse are stripped of their precious metals, and then recycled in line with current WEEE legislation.

Authorised and trusted

We are authorised by the Environment Agency to collect and process your cartridges and mobile phones. We can be trusted to do the best we can to help lessen the impact that modern technology has on the environment.

  • Waste Management Licence

    Waste Management Licence

    Takeback within the remit of current environmental legislation does not need to hold a waste management licence. Read more....

  • Waste Carriers Licence

    Waste Carriers Licence

    Takeback as holders of a Waste Carriers Licence issued by the Environment Agency are authorised to collect your waste and therefore ensure that you meet your obligations under the Duty of Care. Read More...

  • Duty of Care

    Duty of Care

    The Duty of Care legislation as contained within the Environmental Protection Act 1990 says that you must take all reasonable steps to keep waste safe and that if you give waste to someone else, that you must be sure they are authorised to take it and can transport, recycle or dispose of it safely. Read more...

To download a copy of our Environmental Policy please click here.