Duty of Care

Your statutory Duty of Care

The Duty of Care legislation as contained within the Environmental Protection Act 1990 says that you must take all reasonable steps to keep waste safe, and that if you give waste to someone else, that you must be sure they are authorised to take it and can transport, recycle or dispose of it safely.

What is waste?

Waste is simply anything you own, or your business produces that you want to dispose of. Toner and inkjet cartridges are not classified as hazardous waste but the correct disposal of them is still required under the Duty of Care.

What can I do with my waste?

Legislation states that you must

  • stop it escaping from your control
  • store it safely and securely
  • prevent it from causing pollution or harming anyone
  • only give your waste to someone that is authorised to take it

Are Takeback authorised to collect my cartridges and mobiles?

Yes at Takeback we are authorised to collect and process your used cartridges and mobile phones. We hold the appropriate and required licences or exemptions as required by the Environment Agency.