Case History

Elmsett School - A Green Flag Eco School 2002 & 2007

A small primary school in Elmsett, Suffolk joined the TAKEBACK for SCHOOLS cartridge collection program.

The children were encouraged by ex- teacher Sue Mackie, who continues to run the school’s cartridge and community, recycling centre. She was awarded an MBE for her tremendous efforts.

They created a recycling website and even became a council registered recycling centre collecting aluminium cans and paper alongside empty printer cartridges and mobile phones.

They teach their pupils all about recycling and even have their own ‘eco-code’, which the children wrote, when the school applied to become an Eco-School. With such direct environmental awareness and education like this, perhaps these children really can be the generation that makes the world a better place.

In conjunction with Takeback their used cartridge recycling and mobile phone program has so far raised over £120,000 for the school, which is a fantastic achievement and really shows what is possible.

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