Frequently Asked Questions

How many cartridges does my School need to have to warrant a free collection?

You need to have a minimum of twenty qualifying cartridges from our qualifying list for us to be able to offer a free collection. Once you have these, you can send back any additional cartridges you have that are listed, so as to help you with the environmental disposal of all your cartridges. However, if you only have small quantities of inkjet cartridges (the little ones) or mobile phones, we can send Freepost bags for you to simply put these in and post back free of charge.

What do Takeback do with these ink cartridges?

We collect these cartridges and bring them back to our cartridge processing centre in Thetford, Norfolk. All the cartridges are then visually inspected and separated into their various types, and then sold to companies that will remanufacture them. Therefore as these cartridges have most value for reuse rather than to just be recycled, it is important that they are received undamaged so as to be worth as much as possible.

Does anything go to landfill?

We strive to achieve minimal waste to landfill. Those cartridges that are damaged and cannot be sold as complete units, are either used as spare parts by our customers, or sent for specialised recycling. For more information on Takeback and the environment please visit our environmental section.

Which mobile phones do Takeback collect?

We collect all mobile phones regardless of make or model. There is no need to send the chargers with them, but as with the cartridges, it is key that they are received in as good a condition as possible, as their primary worth is in reuse not recycling.